Lloyd's Truck

Lloyd Gibbs was a Certified General Inspector and ran his own business for 30 Years. Click the picture to find out more about his experience.

Las Vegas Home Inspections

Lloyd Gibbs was a Nevada Certified General Inspector, he has retired and now oversees several trusted independent Nevada Certified General and Master Inspectors whom he refers to our new and our loyal clients. You will have opportunity to speak with the inspector prior to your inspection.

You are always invited to join the visual inspection. You are welcome to ask questions and receive “plain talk” answers. Your attendance is recommended, but not mandatory.

You will be provided with a report, exceeding ASHI standards. It is computerized and is emailed to you and/or your agent. The report is detailed and unbiased. It clearly states the condition of the structure on the date of the inspection.

You are welcome to discuss any questions you have with the inspector, whether you have attended the inspection or not. Do not hesitate to call the inspector directly. Your satisfaction is important!